$29.00 4oz/118ml
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Shave like never before with this innovative “see-through”
cream that cushions the blade and offers
superior protection

Leave nothing to the imagination with this non-foaming, translucent cream that reflects the latest advancement in shaving technology for smarter preparation and protection.

Cushions the blade and offers superior protection by allowing you to see where you’re going — preventing nicks and cuts and protecting skin against unnecessary repeat strokes for missed spots. No more crooked or lopped-off sideburns due to smelly, messy foams — just clear shaving perfection.

Glides on thin for enhanced visibility and blade guidance to ensure the most comfortable, closest shave possible.

Prepare & Protect
  • pH adjustors & emollients help seal in moisture to prep for shaving
  • Foamless cream allows clear viewing to prevent nicks & cuts
  • Advanced skin conditioners cushion blade & reduce shaving stress
Nurture & Soothe
  • Allantoin nurtures skin & promotes renewal
  • Botanical extracts (aloe, licorice, chamomile, mint) cool & calm post-shave skin
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$29.00 | 4oz/118ml
Apply shave cream to moist face and neck. Follow with Permission™ Toner and Permission™ Moisturizer for optimal after shave protection.
from The Modern Gentleman
Cleanse before shaving.
Always cleanse your face (with a cleanser or scrub) prior to shaving — even if you shave in the shower. Splashing water on your face doesn’t mean your skin is clean.
Just a dab will do.
Permission™ Shave glides on like a translucent lotion. It won’t foam up like a cleanser or traditional shaving cream, yet still takes a surprisingly small amount for adequate coverage and cushion for your blade (no matter what kind—double, triple, quadruple, or wet/dry electric razors). It may take some adjustment at first, but soon you’ll be wondering how you ever managed to shave without this “see through” cream.
Shave more than just your face?
This translucent shave cream is ideal for multiple applications. It’s always nice to see the area you’re putting a blade against.
Tone and moisturize after shaving.
Permission™ Toner provides an ideal after-shave solution without all the sting or stink of traditional aftershaves. Follow with Permission™ Moisturizer for added soothing agents and moisture replenishment.
Skip a day.
Skipping shaving for a day or two on occasion (if you can) also helps skin retain its natural moisture.
Scrub weekly.
For added help against clogged pores and ingrown hairs, use Permission™ Scrub at least once a week (more often for oily skin) to help prepare skin for a smooth shave. In fact, applying this detoxifying scrub is also an ideal ritual on the days you may skip shaving, since shaving is also an exfoliating process.
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